Honor-Flight-FlyerFranklin County Honor Flight organized in 2007 is a non-profit organization which exists for one purpose: "PAYBACK" TO OUR SURVIVING VETERANS of the armed forces of primarily World War 2 and the Korean War.  Each veteran, man or woman, MUST experience THE THRILL of generous gratitude, to feel their country's love and hear America's enthusiastic applause.   Justice lives with the Franklin County Honor Flight and all the organization's volunteers who remind the peoples of our democracy that our veterans today paid the personal costs (some tremendous but none of them small) to defend and preserve our freedom.  PAYBACK and HONOR FLIGHT walk hand in hand.

Click here to get copy of flyer

This Franklin County Honor Flight flyer is furnished to help you locate those veterans.  Friends and neighbors who want to acquaint Honor Flight with a veteran in a community can find information here to introduce the veteran to the all free one-day trip to Washington, D.C. to see THEIR memorials.  A gift of which they are certainly entitled.  Please help us find those veterans who have not yet had the all free opportunity to travel with their comrades for an entire day sharing memories and visiting their memorials.  How can you do that?

  1. By making color copies of this flyer and posting them where our senior aging WWII and Korean War veterans frequent.
  2. By approaching that Veteran you see in the mall who proudly wears that cap that reads “WWII Veteran” or “Korean War Veteran” and asking him or her, “Have you heard of Franklin County Honor Flight?  Did you know you can experience a one-day free trip to Washington, D.C.?”

Thank you and God bless you.